BiocParallel.FutureParam 0.2.1-9000

BiocParallel.FutureParam 0.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • bplapply() and bpiterate() for FutureParam now uses value() instead of values(), which is deprecated in future (>= 1.20.0).

  • Using argument ‘result = TRUE’ in internal resolve() calls instead of ‘value = TRUE’, which is deprecated in future (>= 1.15.0).

BiocParallel.FutureParam 0.2.0

Bug Fixes

  • FutureParam did not work in Bioconductor (>= 3.8) due to updates in the BiocParallel package.

Deprecated and Defunct

  • Argument ‘catch.errors’ for FutureParam is now defunct and hidden.

BiocParallel.FutureParam 0.1.1

Software Quality

  • TESTS: Now testing FutureParam with all built-in strategies of the future package as well as the ‘local’ and ‘interactive’ strategies of future.batchtools and future.BatchJobs. In order to test with the latter two, those packages need to be installed.

BiocParallel.FutureParam 0.1.0

New Features

  • Package created.